Yu-Sheng Chiu is a Taiwanese photo-based artist born and raised in Chiayi City, Taiwan, and now pursues a diploma at School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa. Her work primarily focuses on the exploration of identities which is often studied with ideas including but not limiting to feminism and multiculturalism that she is interested in as a GenZ, Asian woman in North America. 

Chiu is best known for implementing seemly mundane subjects with a subtle, surrealist approach. She also uses self-portraiture on medium format as well as the vintage-inspired styling component that is often spotted in her projects.

From 2020 to 2021, Chiu worked as a photographer for The Argosy, an independent press run by students at Mount Allison University. She also founded Asian Women Photographers in April 2021 in response of the lack of safe space for Asian female-identifying lens-based artists to create and network. Her work has appeared in 3rd_Year_Photo.tif at Mount Allison University (2021), School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa’s Open House (2021), Ottawa-based zine Do It for the Grain (2021, 2022), Expressing the Internal: Self beyond the Selfie curated by Niniane Kelley for Analog Forever Magazine, as the list continues to grow.

Throughout her years studying at Mount Allison University and now at SPAO, Chiu has gained experience working with medium format, 4x5, and DSLR cameras. She also runs an instagram account under the handle @yclaformosana, where her most recent work and personal lifestyle can be found.